Limestone Products

We support the demands of the customer, and in addition to our processed products, we also sell cement and calcium carbonate materials.
We provide stones with competitive pricing of good quality at the Shin-takine Mine and the factories.

Fine grained MicronCal
— MC Series

The MC Series is a fine grained ground calcium carbonate(GCC) product.
It is used in high added value areas in order to provide excellent dispersibility.

Fine grained MicronCal — MC Series

Paper・Paint・Rubber・Adhesive material・Synthetic resin・Wall paper・Flue gas desulfurizaion・Glass・Agricultural chemicals・Fertilizer・Neutralizers for industrical use・Traffic paint・Other

General purpose “Calcium Carbonate” products

Used widely as a material in architecture, resin, paper, paint, and more.

General purpose “Calcium Carbonate” products

Paper・Paint・Rubber・Adhesive material・Synthetic resin・Wall paper・Glass・Agricultural chemicals・Fertilizer・Feedstuff・Neutralizers for industrical use・Pavement・Line powder for ground・Other

“Hakuryu Crushed Stones” and “Kansui Crushed Stones” granular products

These products are used primarily as construction materials and landscaping that attach importance to the whiteness as the predominant color, as well as a wide variety of fields including animal feed and golf course bunker sand.

Hakuryu and Kansui are used to create spaces with white motifs, mainly in construction.
We produce a variety of sizes for construction materials to color urban spaces and landscapes.
Since limestone is a naturally existing material, the characteristic white is a unique color that differs in each production region.

“Hakuryu Crushed Stones” and “Hiyamizu Crushed Stones” granular products

Construction materials・Landscaping・Landscape materials・Paint・Concrete blocks・Synthetic resin・Feedstuff・Golf course bunker sand・Neutralizers・Lithin・Other

the Asahi Field Line

Born from the high quality, highly white crystallized limestone, the Asahi Field Line processes high quality, highly white crystallized limestone into powder to create an ideal granular product with a grain size adjusted to suit the line for marking the grounds. The product is excellent to the global environment, with no greenhouse gasses produced in the production process. The main component of the Asahi Field Line is calcium carbonate, which has an extremely low effect on the human body due to its low alkalinity, and is a chemically stable material used as a food additive. (On November 2, 2007 boards of education of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan issued nationwide a notification that calcium carbonate, with its higher safety, should be used as the limestone utilized on the lines marking the grounds.)

the Asahi Field Line

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